Top Hat

App Store sales figures at a glance

Top Hat quickly answers the one question that indie developers have every morning: How well did our apps do in the App Store yesterday?

Top Hat lives in the OS X menu bar and shows up-to-date daily sales figures for your apps. Revenue from In-App Purchases is aggregated to give you a single total for each app. Weekly figures can be inspected by holding ⌥ as you click the Top Hat icon.

In 2012, we built Tokens to make App Store promo codes more powerful. We've learned a lot about working with iTunes Connect over the last 3 years and that experience has helped us to bring you our latest app.


“Top Hat provides instant gratification, with both its immediate overview…and live links to your iTunes account… For the price of a couple of beers you get a well designed app by a company that’s built its reputation on solid, well-maintained titles.”

“Looks like a great way to get quick access to your numbers without also giving a third party access to all of your sales figures.”


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What does Top Hat do with my iTunes Connect password?

Which user roles can access sales data in Top Hat?

Any user with either admin role, or both sales and app manager roles can use Top Hat to access reports.